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Did You Know That Women Can Hold & Squirt More Ejaculate Than Urine In Their Bladders?

Female ejaculation fluid (squirt juice) is a thin fluid that originates in the GSPOT and is pushed out the urethra where urine comes out. Just like a man’s sperm ‘n semen. THIS IS NOT PISS!  It’s mostly glucose (sugar)… it tastes sweet and smells sweet.

Women do not know they can do it is because women will often feel like they need to PISS when they are instead ready to cum with squirt juice. They think that PISS will come out all over so they stop and hold it. Don’t hold it,.

The slippery slimy gooey juice is LEUKORREA which lubricates the pussy walls. It is a thicker fluid and is slightly acidic in order to prevent infections.

Very Large Animated .gif file:  Interesting, huh?

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